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April 03 2014

buy Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producer Edition

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Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producer Edition low cost

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SONAR takes full advantage of the power of your machine; it''s a powerhouse on today''s multi-core PCs and Intel-based Macs (using Bootcamp). You can feel confident that you''ll never be left behind no matter how technology changes. Cakewalk has been first to innovate on Windows Vista x64 processing multi-core and multi-processor support and 64-bit double precision audio quality and SONAR incorporates it seamlessly so all you need to think about is making music.

SONAR gives you the freedom to configure your studio to meet your unique needs. It''s compatible with your choice of WDM or ASIO hardware from the stock sound card that ships with your PC all the way up to an SSL AWS 900+ console. If you''re switching to SONAR you caload presets of keystrokes from your favorite applications or you can make your own. It features the best support for control surfaces and MIDI controllers and you can expand your creative abilities with DSP cards and third party VST DirectX and ReWire effects and instruments. Plus you can customize menus toolbars layouts channel presets track icons color schemes and more just the way you want it.
SONAR is developed by musicians who listen understand and respond to the discerning needs of our customers including Grammy and Emmy winning producers engineers and composers. When you choose SONAR you are getting a complete package that includes regular updates affordably priced upgrades an unbeatable user forum and the backing of world class customer service and support that has made Cakewalk the musician''s favorite for over 20 years.'

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